He started out as a regular guy. He was attending college with a major in Criminal justice. He didn’t have any real life goals, he did want to be something more than human, but lacking a method to surpass his roots in humanity he lived an average and uninspired life. But in his sophomore year a chance came; a chance at something he hadn’t dared dream possible, a chance at a life in another world.

I won’t tell you exactly how it happened, but it involved an Asian culture club trip to a local anime expo, a tour bus, a little too much to drink on the trip home and a huge cliff that the bus-driver didn’t see until the bus went over the edge. It’s safe to say nobody would have survived if it wasn’t for a weak spot in space conveniently placed in the buss’s path down towards the valley bellow. Problem was, space doesn’t just rip open for no reason. On the other side of the rift was the laboratory of a rather eccentric old wizard that was experimenting with travel between worlds.

Now it doesn’t matter how well prepared you are when experimenting with portals between worlds, i don’t think very many people would expect a bus full of drunk college kids would come flying through right as you connected a rift with the closest detectable reality with a mana content low enough to not disperse the spell with any natural fluctuations and high enough to support the connection on the other side after it was made. Suffice to say the poor wizard was turned roadkill because he was to eager to see if the spell worked properly and was standing in front of the bus’s exit point.

The wizard and his caution free choice of location was not the only casualty of the bus’s accidental world hop though, the rift was only just stabilized when the bus made it’s trip through and the delicate spellwork and fragile circle on the ground was damaged by the bus’s landing. An unstable rift in reality may not sound all that dangerous if you don’t count the location you end up, especially after how simply the whole bus made it through with nobody dying; but when they start collapsing they bend reality around them in unpredictable ways. The lab that would have provided the club with a great number of interesting and useful objects, books, and maps to help with day to day life in and basic understanding of the knew world they found themselves in was all but destroyed by the rift as it was collapsed due to its foundations new less than intact state. The bus however kept going after it went through the rift and made a hole in the wall while it although a little banged up made a clean landing on this side of the now collapsed portal.

Now our main character being a light drinker, was taking a nap when this all started. The rough landing and subsequent crash through a wooden wall however, woke him up.  The driver, a bit drunk but sufficiently sobered up by the near death experience led the club members with the energy left to stand outside the bus to see the results of the trip. Having had his eyes closed from right when he realized he drove the club off of a cliff until the bus stopped, the driver along with everyone else was clueless about their current situation. The only hint at anything beyond a regular crash they found was that there was no entrance hole in the building they made a new door for, and the fact that there was no cliff in sight. In fact the closest thing that resembled the road they were on just before they went cliff diving besides the rather large wooden building they came driving out of and it’s strangely warped interior, was a winding dirt path that led just past a few hills not to far in the distance and through the field, or large clearing they were in and into the rather imposing forest that surrounded them.